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Snow at Ajami

project - ‘Someone, I tell, will remember us’, Binyamin Gallery, Tel Aviv.

From the text of Iris Pshedezki, the curator of the exhibition:

"...Shira Meshulam Hezekiah exemplifies fragments from the past: she paints ghost pictures from her childhood home in Ajami, Jaffa. Alone on a large empty wall lies the solitary floor of an Arab house that was copied and recorded in its original size. Doubles drawings, round as holes for a glimpse into the past, including objects left in a house in Jaffa. Shira inscribed in her handwriting the works of her artistic parents: the sculptures created by her father are repeatedly transformed in the drawings and woodcuts. The oil paintings are part of a series of pictures drawn from an 8 mm film in which the artist's mother separates from her friends and their world on the eve of her immigration to Israel."

Images by: Doron Oved

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