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I was born in Jaffa Ajami, live and work in Tel Aviv


I'm a painter, a daughter of painting parents. My works are rooted in objects' memories and try to deal with the pain inherent in them. I explore the way my personal memories are "knitted" within collective and distant memories. The extent to which pain present in past memories continues to affect future circles as well.


Time moves linearly. It progresses in one direction non-stop. The memory blocks the movement, seeks to stop and look back. It is an attempt destined for failure, and in this gap between experience and reality my art enters


Looking at those moments now reveals things that previously could not be seen. It causes time to lose, even for a moment, from that monotonous and unstoppable gallop. The painting makes me take a deeper look at reality. Explore and deepen consciousness. Freeze a moment while checking out the pain from a new angle perhaps with greater compassion.

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